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Q. Why do you charge a call out fee?


A. The minimum wages and conditions a Podiatrist is entitled to are set out in awards (also known as modern awards). With reference to the MA000027 – Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2010, under Part 1, Section 18.13(a) An employee required and authorised to use their own motor vehicle in the course of their duties will be paid an allowance of not less than $0.76 per kilometre.


As our podiatrist would have to travel to your location and back to their base of work, a call out fee is necessary to cover the cost of running their own motor vehicle.


Q. Can I claim for Podiatry services and do I need a referral?


A. Private Health Insurance


Private health funds provide rebates for a range of podiatry services under the extras or ancillary tables. Some tables do not include podiatry so you are advised to check with your health fund to see if you are covered. Rebates vary greatly depending on the tables you are on, and the type of services provided.
Referrals are not required for private health insurance rebates.

For our mobile podiatry service, we do not provide HICAPS for “on the spot claims” processing and are currently unable to accept other forms of payment including EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard. 


We can only accept payment in Cash or Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT). We would then either email or mail you your receipt so you can claim your eligible rebate from your private health fund.




Medicare rebates are available for a limited number of consultations only to patients under Medicare’s Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Scheme.
Podiatric surgery and foot orthoses are not covered by Medicare.
A referral is required from your general practitioner.


When the Podiatrist has provided the service s/he may then seek payment for the service from the patient. The patient then takes the itemised receipt from the Podiatrist to Medicare to claim the Medicare rebate.


Department of Veterans Affairs


A comprehensive range of podiatry services are fully covered for Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) card holders.
A referral is required from your general practitioner.


Unfortunately, our service fees often exceed the cover extended to DVA card holders. We will charge you fees similar to our private fee paying patients.


Worker Compensation and Third Party Injury Claims


If the treatment you are being provided is the subject of a third party or Work cover injury claim we will require the billing address for your claims coordinator or solicitor and claim number.

We also suggest that before making an appointment you clarify that your claim has been accepted as you will be responsible for the cost associated with any treatment.


We will charge you fees similar to our private fee paying patients.


Tax Deduction


Once you have reached the threshold for out of pocket medical expenses, all of your expenses not covered by private insurance or Medicare associated with the provision of podiatry services can also be claimed as a tax deduction.


For further advice speak to your accountant or tax advisor.


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