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Perth Podiatry - Perth's most professional boutique mobile podiatry service provider

About Perth Podiatry


Perth Podiatry was founded in 2011 to fill in a gap in the services available to the patients seeking medical care from the podiatry medical services sector within the Perth metropolitan region. 


Our patients often lack the ability and mobility to look after their own foot care as they strive to manage their various health problems as they age. 


We provide a highly valuable and sought after service to ensure our patient’s foot health is professionally managed. 


Our mobile podiatrists are actively helping our patients age gracefully in this fast paced environment. Our mobile podiatry service mostly cater to patients whom require foot care in the comfort of their own homes. We also regularly visit hospitals, retirement villages, group homes and nursing homes for individual personalised patient care.


Our primary service would be providing a mobile medical podiatry service which would include cutting, filing, shaping, cleaning of toenails and sharp debridement of painful corns and calluses with sterilised podiatry equipment. We would also routinely relief pain from ingrowing, damaged or thickened nails.


Since then, our mobile podiatry practice has expanded to cater for most podiatric needs from general foot care through to ingrown nail surgery. 


We strive to achieve good clinical outcomes through evidence based best practices, modern specialised equipment and continual upscaling of all our staff. 


We are proud to provide excellent patient services which cater to the needs of the local communities whom we serve with utmost care and mutual respect.


We are located in Perth, Western Australia and currently service the Perth metropolitan region.


Our Billing Policy


Perth Podiatry is a Private Practice with a private billing policy.


Our fees vary depending upon the examination or procedure required.


In line with the Perth Podiatry philosophy of putting patients first, Perth Podiatry aims to provide a consistent premium service.


We would appreciate full payment of your accounts in Cash on the day of examination.


We can only accept payment in Cash or Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT). We would then either email or mail you your receipt so you can claim your eligible rebate from your private health fund or Medicare.


Our Podiatrists

Dr Ahgelandeswari S (Podiatrist) BPodM UWA


Dr Ahgelandeswari S (aka Aggie) graduated with her Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine from The University of Western Australia’s Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences. She joins our team with varied local and international experience in the ever-changing field of podiatry.


Aggie is a strong primary care practitioner with extensive experience in the high risk foot. She has also completed advanced training in foot mobilisation and acupuncture techniques extending available treatment modalities for her patients. She is currently registered with AHPRA as a general podiatrist and an active member of UWA’s Podiatric Medicine Alumni.


She is the senior podiatrist at Perth Podiatry & Love Your Feet - Perth’s Foot Medicine Centre.


Dr S has found a passion for clinical teaching and supervision in her previous role as a Clinical Supervisor for podiatry students at UWA. She actively participates in such roles when such opportunity arises.

Dr Aloysius Ong (Podiatrist) BPodM UWA


Dr Aloysius Ong graduated with his Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine from The University of Western Australia’s Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences. He has worked in private practice both locally in the Great Southern Regions of Albany and Mt Barker, and internationally in his previous hometown of Singapore. He now works in Perth, Western Australia in public and private practice.

Aloysius is a well-rounded clinical practitioner with strong focuses on Cosmetic Foot Medicine, Toenail Treatment & Surgery, General Podiatric Medicine, Chronic Disease Management, and Foot Health Education. He is currently registered with AHPRA, and an active member of UWA's Podiatric Medicine Alumni.

He is the principal podiatrist with Perth Podiatry (Mobile Podiatry Service) and Love Your Feet - Perth's Foot Medicine Centre.

Dr Ong has been consistently giving back to the local community since his return to Perth, Western Australia. He started the podiatry service at Homeless Healthcare which provides healthcare to homeless and marginalised people. He currently runs a weekly clinical session in Homeless Healthcare's Transitions clinic in Highgate.

He is credited by the profession for pioneering the practice of cosmetic foot medicine in Perth, Western Australia. He and his professional medical team provide medical pedicures that treat painful and unsightly medical problems of the feet (skin and toenails). He also works closely with podiatric surgeons to treat or reduce bony deformities and deep soft tissue lesions.

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